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URChem is increasingly recognized as a first-choice partner for difficult and sentitive chemical reactions, our R&D Department has 23 chemist now, two of them are Ph.D., ten of them are masters. We have modern equipments which make us stronger. 

Sourcing for hard to find/rare research chemicals

Custom Manufacturing

Custom Blending

Custom Synthesis

Custom Chemical Packaging

Custom Formulations

URChem is excel of industrial manufacture in the handing of:
        Azide reagents           Lithium diisopropylamide     Lithium aluminium hydride   
        Methyl bromide                   Boranes                    Nitric acid    
        Boron trifluoride               Oxalyl chloride                Butyllithium
        Peracids                    Carbon disulphide                 Phosgene   
        Chloride                   Phosphous oxychloride            Dimethyl sulfate    
        Phosphous pentachloride        Epichlorohydrin                Sodium amide
        Ethylene oxide                Sodium cyanide                  Hydrazine    
        Sulfonitric acid               Hydrogen peroxide

A selection from our reaction portfolio:
        Aldol condensation      Knoevenagel condensation      Baeyer-Villiger oxidation    
        Mannich reaction            Claisen condensation             Methylation
        Chloromethylation          Reimer-Tiemann reaction          Diazo coupling      
        Vilsmeier formylation          Diels-Alder reaction            Wittig reaction
        Friedel-Crafts reaction         Hydroxyethylation